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Nathaniel Johnson: Press

"Bassist Nat Johnson's rock solid dependability for his time control is applaudable and earns a recall of Leroy Vinnegar in giving his walking lines an intrinsic melodic feel. Johnson is an astute choice for a sturdy swinging bass."
Dr. Herb Wong - Jazz journalist/producer, past President of IAJE - Young at Heart review. (May, 2000)
"Nat Johnson has a natural voice", says LV.
Dr. Herb Wong, May 2000 - Larry Vuckovich - Young at Heart CD liner notes.
" A naturally grooving bassist, Nat Johnson also displays a beautiful, natural vocal sound that is showcased on 'Shadow of Your Smile'. Nat is one of the best male singers of lyrical, romantic quality on the jazz scene today".
Larry Vuckovich - REUNION with Jon Hendricks liner notes. (Jan, 2004)